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A Step towards Hygiene, Protection, and Prosperity… Read More



Think, Understand & then Share…. Today we live in the Age of Information/ Digital Age. Earlier, people had to make efforts to get access to information. We had to seek information, but in the present times…..Read More



As the wave of novel Corona virus approached, everything came to halt. Travel, educational institutes, companies almost everything started shutting down gradually and normal life was hampered. People were forced to shut in their houses to stop the spread of the virus. Though some of the office…..Read More


The Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, 2020 (STIP 2020) is a landmark policy formulation flagged by the Government of India (GOI), its ……..Read More

Radio Maths for Artisans

India – the cradle of civilization, holds the credit of having offered Mathematics to the world. Many fundamental concepts in Mathematics…..Read More

Atmanirbhar Women

Despite continuous efforts advocated by the state government for economic empowerment of women, 73% of total women in the age group of 15-59 are still unemployed……Read More


Water Harvesting

Being a part of the Thar Desert, Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan is characterized by dry climate with large variation in temperature and rainfall. The desert areas in Jhunjhunu …….. Read More

Enable the Differently-abled

People with disabilities are heterogeneous groups composed of those born with a disability, as well as those who became disabled …….Read More

Financial Literacy

The Kamalnishtha Sansthan (KNS) organized two seminars cum workshops on the ABCD of the Indian Capital Market with the assistance of Investors Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)……… Read More

Fight for Right

Intending to spread awareness about Dalit’s rights and to bring balance in the society, Community Radio Station- Kamalvani 90.4 FM in association with the Centre for Dalit Rights, Jaipur, organized a one-day Legal Training Camp for Dalits in Campus of its parent………Read More